The association between music and wine

Adjectives such as volume, colour, suppleness, body, depth, roundness, acidity, power, clarity, generosity, sensuality, and richness. Commonly used to describe both our wines by the experts. The very same adjectives equally well describe the musical tones of the human voice. The close natural association which can be made between wine and music is something which inspires us. Our aim is to find a music which echoes and reflects the individual characteristics of each of our wines, and so, enhance what our product specifically offers. This is the leitmotif of Château Juliette.

Alexandre’s passion for pairing these different adjectives driven by the desire to enhance the consumers overall experience, combine to guide them into a greater exploration of the senses. This dedication provides a unique opportunity. To associate the wines of the southern Rhône Valley (among the most powerful in the world) with opera, Alexandre naturally chose the Italian artistic movement from XIXe century called Verism where the orchestral power is commensurate with the love of his wines.


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THE amuse bouche musical

Our pioneering ‘Amuse Bouche Musical’ has been featured on French television. Showcasing with great success Alexandre’s recent creation which combines the enjoyment of wine and music… anytime, anywhere!

The ‘musical appetiser’ sits on the neck of the bottle. It provides a catalogue containing photos and description of the winery. The QR code can be instantly scanned and links the individual to a video of the winery with the music of the opera aria sung by Alexandre himself. Clients can watch the winery’s video on their phones whilst listening to the music and tasting the wines!! They enter a new world where all their senses are aroused simultaneously.

The musical experience enhances the senses and therefore stimulates the emotions of the consumer.


The Wine Man Show

The Wine-Man-Show is a performance that embraces the Arts. French gastronomy, Wine and Opera come together during an evening made to indulge the senses. An introduction to the wines by a renowned oenologist along with a master of ceremonies, concluded by a performance of several opera arias sung by Alexandre himself accompanied by an orchestra.

The ‘Wine Man Show’ has been of interest and huge success for the wine sales in many countries and enforces the uniqueness of Chateau Juliette.

This show was recently performed at the Changan Club in Beijing (May 2019), one of the most famous venues in China.


 2019 – Private show at Changan Club in Beijing

 2019 – 1500 persons show in Linyi

Science and the art of wine

Scientific studies have concluded that classical music has stimulating effects on life forms. With this research Alexandre has equipped some of our vats with instrumental devises which play opera music. He concludes that the yeast reacts positively to the sound and vibrations of the classical music applied during the fermentation process. Normally, due to the very high alcohol content of the wine, the yeast commonly struggles to finish turning sugar into alcohol and therefore can leave an excess of residual sugar. However, since introducing music to our vats in 2015, Alexandre has completely eliminated the problem.

Today we see the wines that have been raised in music bear specific particularities. The winemaker even claims that when the wine is uncorked with an opera being played, the molecule recalls it, allowing the wine to aerate almost automatically without the need to decant it.


Painting and art

As long-time admirers of the arts, Château Juliette has been working for more than a decade with well-known and recognized painters. The artists are chosen both for their style and taste, as for their love of classical music. The painter’s challenge is to focus on a specific opera whilst creating their works. These paintings are individually shaped and designed into labels. 

The large range of artists that Château Juliette employs have helped to shape the unique and exclusive image of the brand.

Le Château Juliette has collaborate with:

Paul Anastasiu (Official painter of the french army)

Hua Jiming (World famous chinese painter)

Marc Duran (painter and opera composer)

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