Product Sheet

Appellation AOP Côtes du Rhône :  As far back as the middle ages, this vineyard on the banks of the Rhône was known for the quality of its wines. The diversity of the soil coupled with the appellation’s Mediterranean climate enables the grapes to express their full personality. Thus, Grenache Noir, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan thrive on the clay plateaus with their large pebbles, where their strength is developed in well-structured red wines.

Climate : Mediterranean influences with 2,700 hours of sun per year.

Grape varieties : Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre

Alcohol content : 15%

Soil :  Classic limestone plateaus covered with a layer of red clay and pebbles. The terroir is free-draining, and produces powerful wines with well-structured tannins and good ageing potential.

Harvest : 100% harvested and sorted by hand. The grapes are hand-harvested to the optimal maturity using small cases to avoid crushing.

Vinification : The grapes are destemmed and fermented in inox vats. 30 days of maceration with temperature control. The alcoholic fermentation temperature is controlled at around 25°C to preserve as much varietal aroma as possible. Gentle pumping over operations are carried out on a daily basis to delicately extract aromatic substances, colouring matter and tannins.

Ageing : French oak barrels


Colour: Intense, garnet, limpid

Nose: Red fruits with blackcurrant liqueur, light vanilla fragrances

Palate:  The perfect combination of elegance and body this wine expresses fresh red fruits which merge into rich woody and garrigue (bay leaf and soft spices) finish. A very original wine with strong personality.

Recommended food pairing : Fedora is best enjoyed with steak with red wine sauce, Ratatouille or duck breast.

Recommended Musical pairing : opera “Fedora” composed by Umberto Giordano Puccini

Serving temperature : 16-18°C.

Sommelier’s recommendation: Best decanted 10-15min before drinking

Ageing potential : Excellent now, this wine can be cellared for 5 to 6 years of age.

Musical appetizer

Our pioneering ‘Musical Appetizer’ created to harmonise music and wine has shown great interest, including being featured on French television.

The ‘musical appetizer’ is a small catalogue that is placed over on the neck of the bottle. On this catalogue, along with photos and information on the winery, there is a QR code that can be scanned by any smart phone. This will link the individual to youtube, to listen to the music of the opera that the wine is named after. The aria is sung by Alexandre Marcelli-Audier himself (owner of Chateau Juliette). Each of Chateau Juliette’s wines have a specific opera name that are paired with their own music. Clients can watch the winery’s video on their phones whilst listening to the music and tasting the wines!!

Wine with music for your enjoyment … anytime, anywhere!