Madame Butterfly, great red wine by Château Juliette to drink listening to famous Puccini's opéra

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Madame Butterfly

Tasting notes

Mme Butterfly Madame Butterfly, red Côte du Rhône wine by Château Juliette

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Appellation: Côtes du Rhône Villages Laudun
Name of the cuvée: Mme Butterfly
Colour: Red

Yield: 32 Hl/Ha.
Age of the vines: 40 years
Soil: Predominately clay, sloping land surrounded by forests
Grape Variety: Grenache, Syrah (shiraz)

Harvest: Harvested and sorted by hand using small cases
Vinification: Every endeavour is made to allow nature to express itself to its fullest: each parcel is vinified separately in small vats. The syrah (shiraz) is fermented in small stainless steel vats using carbonic maceration. Grapes are pressed in the antique method using a vertical wooden press to extract the ultimate desired tannins.
Maturation: 50% matured in stainless steel vats to keep the freshness of the fruit, 50% (syrah) is aged in French oak of 2 wines

Wine analysis: 14.5%, 3.90 PH, 3.30g/L H2SO4


Colour: Dense plum purple with crimson hues
Nose: Aromas of ripe blackberries mixed with subtle hints of oriental incense, floral yet softly spiced (pachouli and cinnamon)
Palate: A generous palate with voluptious dark fruits and black cherry flavours integrated with soft spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. Secondary flavours escape from the wood, a warm texture of vanilla, mocha, and cedary oak. Tightly structured with silky tannins and a long round palate with impressive length.

Food matches: Filet of beef, dark game or blue cheese
Recommended recipe: Grilled fillet steak with creamy white beans and leek sauce (Jamie Oliver), Beef bourguignon
Serving temperature: 18°C

Peak drinking age: Between 2 to 7 years from time of bottling. Wine will mature with age showing more characteristics of liquirice and mon cherie chocolate.
Put in bottle: on the property

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